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DSLA set up their Free Legal Aid at Snehalaya

International Women's Day 08th March 2020 at Snehalaya
Celebrated Holi with inmates at Snehalaya

Diwali with inmates on 6th Nov 2018

Vocational Training 2018

Independence Day 2018



Plot No. 31-X, Karkardooma Institutional Area, Delhi-110092.
Phone 22375113

Mahila Dakshata Samiti is running a short stay home for women, called “SNEHALAY” under the scheme of the Central Social Welfare Board. The short stay home was established on 8th August 2000. It provides shelter to women in distress due to family problems like domestic violence, dowry harassment, rape, mental strain, social ostracism, exploitation & other causes. Under the provisions of the scheme shelter is provided to women for maximum of three years. During their stay the inmates are provided physical & psychological assistance. The short stay home functions efficiently under the overall personal supervision of our President Suman Krishna Kant, with the assistance of its Convenor Rajni Tayal who takes good care of the inmates. Apart from the counselors there is a warden, a rehabilitation officer, an accountant & a guard in the home. Counseling is given to the inmates to rehabilitate them. Various training programs are conducted for the benefit of the inmates to equip them with requisite skills for employment. Certificates are awarded on completion of the course. The inmates are also encouraged to take part in cultural activities like yoga, singing, dancing & drama. National festivals are observed. Arrangements have also been made with Hedgewar hospital to provide medical facilities to the inmates as & when required. An inmate is always accompanied by the warden on a visit to the hospital.
All the General Body Meetings of MDS are held at Snehalay, Delhi.


At the Bhoomi Puja of Snehalay. Seen here are President of MDS, Suman Krishan Kant, 

former Vice President of MDS Kailash Rekhi and members of the Samiti.

Former First Lady of India Usha Narayanan, President of MDS Suman Krishan Kant, former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit and former Vice President of MDS Kailash Rekhi at the Inauguration of Snehalay, Delhi.

President of MDS Suman Krishan Kant giving an award to a deserving candidate who completed the vocational course at Snehalay. Also seen are former Vice President of India Krishan Kant and former First Lady of India Usha Narayanan

Inmates celebrating Holi with Snehalaya Convenor Rajni Tayal

Mahila Dakshata Samiti members at one of the General Body Meetings held at Snehalay, Delhi



Counsellors and staff


Vocational training 


Holi 2 March, 2018




15th August 2018


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