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Bharitya Janani
Printed, Published & Owned by
Suman Krishan Kant

Editorial Board
Vinnita Shikhar
Kumar Onkar
Harvinder kaur
Priya Hingorani

Madhu Jain



Bhartiya Janani magazine is the voice of Mahila Dakshata Samiti

BHARTIYA JANANI, the magazine of Mahila Dakshata Samiti (MDS), was launched in February 1990. The first issue of Bhartiya Janani was released in MDS office in New Delhi by Shrimati Girija Vyas, who was then the Deputy Minister, Information & Broadcasting, India. The event was well covered by both the print and electronic media.


In those days, the women movement was still in its infancy and bride burning was an issue which was catching the attention of the media and public at large. It was an issue which was disturbing and we desperately wanted to redress the issue. MDS was also aware that if the fight against the prevalent dowry system had to be rooted out from the society, awareness among the youth, especially the women had to be spread. Then there were other issues concerning women, children and society at large.


It was important to spread awareness in women about their rights, make them understand that education of girls was imperative and involve them in the main stream of life. We decided to publish a magazine which focuses on women issues. So Bhartiya Janani was launched with Suman Krishan Kant as the Chief Editor. Prem Ahluwalia Editor for the English section and Kamla Jain as the Editor for the Hindi section. Madhu Jain designed the cover.


The magazine covers all issues related to women, be it Status of Women, Anti Dowry, Education, Rights of Women, Women Empowerment, Economic Issues, Consumer Awareness, Medical, Children, etc. The magazine is quarterly and printed both in English and Hindi so that it can reach out to all strata of society. Bhartiya Janani is the voice of Mahila Dakshata Samiti. MDS is more than ever determined to spread the message of women empowerment to every nook and corner of India. It is our desire that every woman should be truly empowered. Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have been age-old issues which we strive to eradicate. We also focus on all current matters which concern the welfare of women. It is this quest for equality which motivates us to continue to publish relevant articles in Bhartiya Janani so that we can inspire the women of India. Articles, preferably accompanied with photographs, are welcome from all. The articles can be in English or Hindi. You can email the articles and photos to our Chief Editor Suman Krishan Kant at sumankkant@gmail.com or to our Editorial Board at mahiladakshatasamiti@gmail.com


Hard copies can be sent to our head office at K-II / 45 ; Kidwai Nagar ( West );New Delhi 110023; Ph 011-24102067

A fresh Editorial Board is in place to once again re-launch the magazine in 2018.

Bhartiya Janani
Mahila Dakshata Samiti
D-2/45, Kidwai Nagar (West)
New Delhi 110023

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Special Issues of Bhartiya Janani being released by our Guests of Honour in New Delhi.



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