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The photos posted by vinay bharadwaj pertains to the beneficiaries of villages Behalawa and village Farmana visited in may and june., 2019 recently.
Mahila Dakshta Samiti has been tirellessly working to eliminate violence against women at multiple level and has been fighting for their empowerment.
As property is one of the major issue major around which women face violence, their right to inherit is seriously impeded through social cultural norms.
Samiti had filed a Public Interest Litigation on the issue of inheritance rights of unmarried daughters in agricultural land in Supreme Court of India through its vice president Vinay Bharadwaj. With kapila hingorani a pioneer of PIL and veteran women's rights advocate samiti got a landmark judgement establishing minor.
For the first time in the legal history of India Supreme Court enlarged the scope of a habeas corpus Writ Petition to address these issues. :

1: The 3 minor girls were recovered from their tormentors.
2: Their forced marriages were invalidated.
3: In the absence of male successor in the family of these girls who fell victim of the horrific crime of forced violent marriages and trafficking their right to family ' s agricultural land was firmly pronounced. and they got this right through active assistance from samiti on whose behalf vinay bharadwaj was appointed the Guardian of these girls till the pendency of the case for more than 4 years.
Supreme Court pronouncer the need for safe Shelter Homes for women in such circumstances.
Samiti through this landmark judgement got minor daughters right to property in the year 1996 while amendment to Hindu Succession Act came later in the year 2005.
-- vinay bharadwaj.

Camp was held at Badarpur – New Delhi On 10th May 2018
Advantages of Joint family, Protecting child from any abuse, guide the youth to stop drug abuse and alcoholism. It was a very successful camp as demand for more camps often was brought out by the residents of the area.

Camp was held at Mohanbaba Nagar – New Delhi On 02nd July 2018
Women and girls were made aware of voyeurism, stalking and how to protect themselves using Pepper Sprays. Pepper Sprays were distributed to young women and girls.



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