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Full Fledged First Meeting and Agenda of 2020 held at 4 Krishna Menon Marg New Delhi on 30th Jan 2020



First full fledged MDS meeting held at 4 Krishna Menon Marg on 3 Jan 2019.


चल चलो सत्य युग की ओर, 2019 के क्या कुछ करना चाहिए:-महिला दक्षिता समिति /#mahila dakshita smiti


Meeting was held at 4 Krishna Menon Marg presided over by Mrs Suman Krishan Kant.
Agenda of the meeting was to Guide Youth of India.

  1. Respectful behaviour towards elders,friends and women.

  2. Hygiene & Health by eating right diet.

  3. Add vegetables & fruits in your diet

  4. Yoga,meditation and excercises

  5. Stay away from drugs,tobacco,alcohol etc.

  6. Boys to respect girls as they would like thier own sisters and mothers to be respected

  7. Girls must understand good & bad touch.

  8. Girls to be cautious in thier friendships & relationships.

  • Every one has to play thier role,role as a mother,role of education,role of society and role of government and its agencies for the wellbeing of women. 


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